A New Mission in Canada

March 8, 1957

The Hamilton Conference of the Canada Synod of the United Lutheran Church in America established three new missions out of Redeemer Lutheran Church. The first services of Good Shepherd mission church were held at George Anderson Public School. 

Rev. Wallace Minke

March 3, 1958

Served as pastor from May 1958 to August 1966. padding: 20px 10px 20px 10px

Our New Home

March 30, 1958

60 adults and 23 children signed the Charter. The formal organization took place on May 25, 1958. Later that year, the congregation voted to purchase the parsonage at 12 Woodridge Court and the church site on Lawrence Ave. West. The blessing of the church site and ground breaking service washeld in October 1959, with the laying of the cornerstone in February 1960.  More Details:

Rev Peeter Vanker

May 1, 1967

Served as pastor from May 1967 to January 1977. 

On This Day:

May 12, 1969

The congregation sold the back portion of its property and became self-supporting.  WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.

Seminarian Henry Schaper

April 5, 1976

Served the congregation through a special internship program from Spring 1976 to August 1977 padding: 3px 10px 0px 10px

Rev. Wilfred Myra

September 1, 1977

Served as pastor from September 1977 to November 1980. p {

Rev. Kenn Ward

March 1, 1981

Served as pastor from March 1981 to September 1991, and was an integral part in the development of our current building and property, in partnership with Ontario Federation of Cerebral Palsy. border-right: solid 1px #333333

On This Day:

September 9, 1988

Good Shepherd began taking part in the Canadian Lutheran Anglican Dialogue with St.David’s Anglican Church. Also, the congregation had begun to investigate ways to minister more effectively to the community by developing their property  Please contact your administrator for assistance.

Joint Worship Services:

May 1, 1990

The congregations of Good Shepherd and St. David’s signed a covenant agreeing to: participate in joint worship services, display bulletins/newsletters of each other’s congregation, plan joint educational programs, and share facilities. 

On This Day:

May 1, 1992

The congregation celebrated the last service in their old building and the following week demolition took place and construction of the new building began. The congregation shared worship facilities with St. David’s Anglican Church where they have been worshipping until completion of the new building September 19th, 1993. div#wrap {

Rev. Martti Hyhko

January 2, 1996

Served as pastor from January 1996 to November 1st, 2008. During his ministry, the congregation celebrated our 40th Anniversary and in May 2008 the congregation celebrated our 50th anniversary, for which he and his wife Seija were an integral part in organizing and celebrating. 

Rev. J.R. Bestvater

December 1, 1999

Served as interim part-time pastor from December 1991 to January 1993. font-size: small

Rev. Dr. Peeter Vanker

December 1, 2008

Appointed interim pastor December 1st, 2008, and continues to minister to the congregation on a part-time basis. In addition, Pastor Goddy Hodanu, from Cameroon, is serving as assistant to Pastor Vanker, conducting worship services, bible studies, and congregational visitations, as required. text-align: left

On This Day:

November 20, 2011

The congregation voted unanimously to sever its relationship with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) and has applied for formal association with the Canadian Association of Lutheran Congregations (CALC). We are in the process of calling a part-time Pastor.  Request denied by WatchGuard HTTP Proxy.

Mr. Gary Braeuer

December 11, 2011

Our congregation extended a two year term, part time call to Candidate Braeuer which he accepted on December 11, 2016. The Letter of Call specified Candidate Braeuer’s desire for dual rostering between CALC and NALC. Good Shepherd congregation council took the necessary steps in the fulfillment of Candidate Braeuer’s desire for dual rostering, specifically, by applying for membership in NALC since there are no NALC congregations in Ontario. Moreover, clergy are increasingly seeking roster in more than one church body and the governing documents of both CALC and NALC allow member congregations to maintain membership in other church bodies.  Method: GET

Rev. Goddy Hodanu

September 1, 2012

Called as Pastor for a 2 year term on a part-time basis. 

On This Day:

December 7, 2014

Members of the congregation voted overwhelmingly to ratify Council’s approval and recommendation to call Rev. Goddy Hodanu as our permanent part time pastor. We were exceedingly glad that he had accepted this call. 

On This Day:

March 27, 2016

Pastor Goddy tendered his resignation to pursue further full time theological studies. This announcement came as a surprise but it was understandable that he must move on to “greener pastures” to fulfil his desire for a better, perhaps, permanent calling. We wish him every success, God’s blessings and thank him for his services rendered to us during his two-year tenure. height: 20px

A New Nomination:

September 25, 2016

The President of the Canadian Association of Lutheran Congregations (CALC), Rev Edward P. Skutshek introduced Mr. Gary Braeuer,a candidate for ordination and ministry in The North American Lutheran Church ( NALC) to the leadership of The Evangelical Lutheran Church of The Good Shepherd’s congregation. Hence, talks commenced between Candidate Braeuer and our congregation.He began providing supply preaching in the fall of 2016. The people of our congregation responded most favorably to Candidate Braeuer’s desire for dual rostering with CALC ministry.   

Pastor Gary

June 4, 2017

All blessings on his graduation and ordination by NALC in the summer of 2017. color: #000000

Rev. Rasma Caune

April 6, 2018

Served as pastor from October 1993 to November 1995, however because of Financial constraints, the congregation decided to return to part-time minister employment.